A Linear Logic Programming Language
and its Compiler System

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LLP is a logic programming language based on intuitionistic linear logic. LLP is a superset of Prolog and a subset of Lolli developed by Josh Hodas and Dale Miller.

LLP system consists of:
LLP to LLPAM (extended WAM) translator (written in Prolog) and
LLPAM emulator (written in C).

LLP is distributed as free software for non-profit use. Any comments and suggestions are welcome!

What's New


The newest package is llp051.tar.gz (330KB, Released on Apr 19, 2002). It includes full source code of LLP compiler, LLPAM emulator, built-in predicates, Java interface (Java invokes LLP as a child process, and communicates with it through pipes), a Forum subset interpreter, and lolliCoP theorem prover.
Here is the contents of the package.
Please also check files: README.LLP, CHANGES, and BUILTINS.


You need the following systems to use LLP compiler.


Example programs


Please cite one of the following papers if you want to refer LLP in your paper.

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Naoyuki Tamura / Mutsunori Banbara