FLOPS 2012: Program

May 23 (Wed)

May 23 (Wed)
08:30Shuttle bus leaves Kobe Tokyu Inn Hotel to conference venue
10:00–11:00Invited talk (Chair: Naoyuki Tamura)
Automated Verification of Higher-order Functional Programs
   Tachio Terauchi
11:00–11:30Regular talk (Chair: Naoyuki Tamura)
Mutual Exclusion by Interpolation
   Jael Kriener and Andy King
13:00–15:00Regular talks (Chair: Michael Codish)
A Data Flow Calculus for Hybrid Query and Programming Languages
   Kristoffer Rose, Lionel Villard and Naoto Sato
Exact Flow Analysis by Higher-Order Model Checking
   Yoshihiro Tobita, Takeshi Tsukada and Naoki Kobayashi
Correct Looping Arrows from Cyclic Terms: Traced Categorical Interpretation in Haskell
   Makoto Hamana
Real-time Persistent Queues and Deques with Logic Variables (Declarative Pearl)
   Gerlof Bouma
15:00–15:30Coffee Break
15:30–17:30Regular talks (Chair: Naoki Kobayashi)
Call-by-value solvability, revisited
   Beniamino Accattoli and Luca Paolini
A Lambda Calculus for Gödel-Dummett Logic Capturing Waitfreedom
   Yoichi Hirai
A Call-by-Name CPS Hierarchy
   Asami Tanaka and Yukiyoshi Kameyama
Computing in Cantor's Paradise with λZFC
   Neil Toronto and Jay McCarthy
17:45Shuttle bus leaves conference venue to Kobe Tokyu Inn Hotel
18:30–20:30SC/PC Meeting at Rokkomichi

May 24 (Thu)

May 24 (Thu)
08:30Shuttle bus leaves Kobe Tokyu Inn Hotel to conference venue
09:00–10:00Invited talk (Chair: Tom Schrijvers)
Programming with Boolean Satisfaction
   Michael Codish
10:00–10:30Coffee Break
10:30–11:30Regular talks (Chair: Jacques Garrigue)
Iteratees: System Description
   Oleg Kiselyov
Explicit binds: effortless efficiency with and without trees
   Tarmo Uustalu
13:00–14:00Regular talks (Chair: Zhenjiang Hu)
Parallel Computation Skeletons with Premature Termination Property
   Oleg Lobachev
Calculational Developements of New Parallel Algorithms for Size-constrained Maximum-Sum Segment Problems
   Akimasa Morihata
14:15Bus leaves conference venue to Hyoe Koyokaku in Arima Onsen
15:00–18:30Excursion at Arima Onsen (please enjoy free time by shopping or sightseeing in Arima)
18:30–20:30Banquet at Hyoe Koyokaku in Arima Onsen
20:45Bus leaves Hyoe Koyokaku to Kobe Tokyuu Inn Hotel

May 25 (Fri)

May 25 (Fri)
08:30Shuttle bus leaves Kobe Tokyu Inn Hotel to conference venue
09:00–10:00Invited talk (Chair: Peter Thiemann)
Dependently-typed programming in GHC
   Stephanie Weirich
10:00–10:30Coffee Break
10:30–11:30Regular talks (Chair: Katsutoshi Hirayama)
A General Implementation Framework for TCLP
   Pablo Chico De Guzmán, Manuel Carro, Manuel Hermenegildo and Peter Stuckey
Coinductive Constraint Logic Programming
   Neda Saeedloei and Gopal Gupta
13:00–14:30Regular talks (Chair: Yukiyoshi Kameyama)
Normal Form Bisimulations for Delimited-Control Operators
   Dariusz Biernacki and Sergueï Lenglet
Classical call-by-need sequent calculi: The unity of semantic artifacts
   Zena Ariola, Paul Downen, Hugo Herbelin, Keiko Nakata and Alexis Saurin
Declarative Debugging of Wrong and Missing Answers for SQL Views
   Rafael Caballero, Yolanda García-Ruiz and Fernando Saenz-Perez
14:30–15:00Coffee Break
15:00–17:00Regular talks (Chair: Hiroshi Hosobe)
The Finite Domain Constraint Solver of SWI-Prolog
   Markus Triska
Improving the Performance of FD Constraint Solving in a CFLP System
   Ignacio Castiñeiras and Fernando Sáenz-Pérez
Extending the TOY System with the ECLiPSe Solver over Sets of Integers
   Sonia Estévez-Martín, Jesús Correas Fernández and Fernando Saenz-Perez
Compiling a Functional Logic Language: The Basic Scheme
   Sergio Antoy and Arthur Peters
17:30Shuttle bus leaves conference venue to Kobe Tokyu Inn Hotel

Date: 2012-05-28 16:26:27 JST

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